Owning A Franchise

Owning a franchise can be one of the best decisions you ever make! There is a lot that goes into becoming a franchisee, but there’s even more benefits.

Here are some advantages to owning a franchise:

1. You have a corporate team already!

a. Starting your own business from the ground up can be time consuming, expensive, and frustrating. Having a corporate team already in place can help you get your business launched quicker and more efficiently!

2. The brand is already built!

a. After you start your business, you have to get people to use your business! With a franchise, the brand is already known and can make marketing much easier. When you buy a franchise, there is an established concept for their brand, you just have to bring that to your area!

3. Expert Training!

a. You will get training from our corporate team of experts that will prepare you for a lot of what will get thrown at you as a business owner. You’ll learn from other people who have already run the same business as you!

Owning a 1-800-Textiles franchise comes with all of those advantages! Our corporate team is ready to support you throughout the whole process of starting, launching, and running your 1-800-Textiles business.


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Get in contact with us and to learn more about the 1-800-Textiles family. We support our franchisees from the first conversation with valuable information from our years of experience in the textiles and restoration industry.


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