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The process of buying a 1-800-Textiles franchise looks like this:

1. Get to know us!

2. Learn more about what 1-800-Textiles does day-to-day.

3. Meet our Corporate team.

4. Decide if it’s for you and us!

5. Go through training.

6. Start your own 1-800-Textiles!

The 1-800-Textiles Corporate team will work with you throughout the entire process; and don’t worry, we’ll continue to work with you the whole time you own a 1-800-Textiles! When you purchase a 1-800-Textiles franchise, we don’t leave you high and dry, we constantly offer updated training, marketing opportunities, and industry connections!


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Fill out the form below to get in contact with us and to learn more about the 1-800-Textiles family. We support our franchisees from the first conversation with valuable information from our years of experience in the textiles and restoration industry.